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Pre-Professional Division

This division is designed for the dancer, ages 5-18, who would like to commit to the serious study of ballet.  Students in this division are expected to take their level's entire schedule. The Pre-Professional Division is held over two semesters and culminates in the Annual Concert performance*. Need-based scholarships are available as part of our committment to inclusion and access. 

*Students must be enrolled for both semesters and have consistent attendance to be eligible to participate in the Annual Concert.  


Primary Ballet

Primary Ballet students attend class once a week. This level introduces the more formal structure of a ballet class. The minimum age for this level is 5. 


Ballet 3/4

Students in Ballet 3/4 attend 2 days of technique classes per week. The general age range is age 8-11.


Ballet 7

Students in Ballet 7 attend classes 4 days per week which includes technique, pointe (with approval) and conditioning. Students typically spend a minimum of 2 years in this level.


Performance Ensembles

CBA is home to two performing ensembles which are open to students enrolled in Ballet 5-8. Ensembles provide students with additional rehearsal and performance opportunities.


Ballet 1

Students in Ballet 1 attend technique class once a week. The general age range for this level is 6 to 9 years old.


Ballet 5

Students in Ballet 5 attend classes 3 days per week which includes technique, pre-pointe and conditioning. The minimum age for this level is 10.


Ballet 8

Students in Ballet 8 attend classes 5 days per week, which includes technique, pointe (with approval), variations and conditioning. Some classes may be



Ballet 2

Students in Ballet 2 attend 2 days of technique classes per week. The general age range is between 7 to 10 years old.


Ballet 6

Students in Ballet 6 attend classes 3 days per week which includes technique, pre-pointe/pointe, and conditioning. Eligible students will be evaluated for pointe work.


Modern 1-3

CBA offers sequential levels of Horton based modern technique classes. Students may enroll in modern in addition to their ballet technique or as a stand alone class.

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