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6:30-7:30 pm

Modern 2I3



1:15-2:15 pm

Modern 1

Chicago Ballet Arts is pleased to offer Horton based Modern Technique classes. Levels are sequential and placement is based on a combination of age and experience. Students may enroll in Modern classes independently or in conjunction with classes in the Pre-Professional or Enrichment Divisions.

Level Placement: Modern 1 is recommended for students ages 7-10. Modern 2/3 is recommended for students ages 10+ who have previous dance experience, including previous Modern training. 

Tuition Per Semester: $300

Dates: Classes run over two semesters, starting September 7, 2021. Please visit our Calendar for details.

Students will be automatically enrolled in the second semester unless CBA is notified of a change in registration.

Dress Code:

Option 1: Any colored leotard with black footless tights or leggings worn over the leotard. No undergarments should be worn. Hair should be secured neatly, away from the face. 


Option 2: A fitted tee-shirt or tank top with black footless dance tights or leggings. Appropriate, fitted undergarments must be worn. Longer hair should be secured neatly away from the face.


Please note, Modern classes are subject to cancellation if less than 5 students are enrolled.

Tuition is non-refundable and is due one week prior to the start of the semester. 

A limited number of scholarships are available. Please email us for application details. 

Scholarship support is made possible by the generosity of Patti Eylar and Charles Gardner and Jim and Linda Mitchell.

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