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Tuition Policy 
Tuition is non-refundable. Tuition is due two weeks prior to the first day of each semester, session or event. 

Enrollment Policy
While students are strongly encouraged to enroll prior to the start of a semester or session, they may contact CBA if they wish to join mid-year. Students in the Pre-Professional Division must be enrolled in both semesters to be eligible for the end of year Concert performance.


Non-Discrimination Policy

CBA is committed to creating an environment that supports equal opportunity and nondiscrimination for all persons, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, perceived or actual sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, marital status, national origin, body type, or ability. 

School Policies
1. Consistent attendance is expected. Be prepared and on time for class. Students who arrive late may be asked to observe if joining the class cannot be done safely. 
Absences due to the observance of religious holidays will be excused.

2. A neat appearance in dress code is required for class. Please refer to the individual levels for specific dress code.

3. Proper shoes must be worn for all ballet classes with elastics and ribbons (if applicable) securely sewn.

4. No legwarmers, rubber pants, sweat pants or other warm ups are allowed during class.

5. Jewelry and watches must not be worn in class. Students are not permitted to wear hanging earrings. Fingernails must be of an acceptable length, as to prevent injury.

6. Do not leave any valuables or money, in the dressing room or hallways.

7. No studio use is permitted without permission from CBA.

8. Students are not allowed to use pianos, unless authorized by the instructor.

9. CBA phone should be utilized with permission only.

10. Any change of email, address or telephone number should be reported to CBA as soon as possible.

11. Parents are not permitted in the studios while class is in session unless permission is received from the director or instructor.

12. CBA is a smoke-free and gun-free facility.


Studio Etiquette
1. No chewing gum is allowed while in the studio.

2. All cell phones must be silenced during class and rehearsals and should not be used while in class or rehearsal.

3. Food and drinks are not permitted in the studios. Water may be brought in a water bottle.


4. Street shoes are not permitted inside the studio.

Disciplinary Actions
CBA reserves the right to dismiss any student for inappropriate behavior, poor attendance, and/or lack of discipline or progress.

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